JV-Relatives - How does it work?

JV-Relatives is an advanced related articles extension for Joomla, K2, Cobalt and EasyBlog. When an article or blog post is displayed in Joomla front-end, JV-Relatives will fetch the keywords of the displayed article, and will scan your Joomla database for similar articles. A similarity is made when any part or whole of a keyword of that article matches with the keywords of the other articles.

In order to use JV-Relatives effectively, you must configure meta keywords for your articles

Configuring meta keywords can be done with Joomla Article Manager. Meta keywords must be separated by comma. JV-Relatives does not generate meta keywords for articles. Having said that, if meta keywords are not configured for the displayed article, then you can configure JV-Relatives such that, it displays other articles from the same category as the displayed article.

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