JV-ContentLinks - Installing Procedure

Following are the instructions to be followed for doing a fresh installation of JV-ContentLinks component and associated extensions for Joomla!

Installation Steps:

  • Download the latest version of JV-ContentLinks component from jv-extensions.com
  • Login to your website's back-end using administrator login
  • Go to Extensions - Extension Manager - Install and select the downloaded component zip file and click on "Upload File & Install"
  • When you install the component, the extensions required for integration of JV-ContentLinks with Joomla core articles, EasyBlog and K2 will be  automatically installed.

Once the installation is completed, please make sure that you visit the JV-ContentLinks dashboard in Joomla and enable the third party component integrations as you need.  Read more in this article.

See video for JV-ContentLinks Installation:

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