JV-ContentLinks - Add a Keyword Link in Backend

As an administrator, links for keywords can be added at front-end or backend. The interface at backend is very detailed and can be used to control every aspect of linking, while adding via frontend is more a quicker way to add links on keywords with default values for many parameters.

To add links for keywords to your website via JV-CL backend, please do the following:

  • Login to the backend using admin login.
  • Go to JV-ContentLinks - Keyword Links section.
  • Click on 'Add New' and add the link for a keyword in any article you want.
  • You need to choose the scope before adding a keyword link. If you choose a site-wide scope, then it will be independent of any component. But if you choose article-wide or first occurrence scope, then you need to select the component, whose articles will be used for replacement.

See video below. The video illustrates adding a new link to https://www.joomla.org on 'Joomla' keyword with site wide scope. After you add the link, as in the video you can see that the keyword 'Joomla' is linked in all Joomla articles. Please click on the captions ('CC') in the video player below to see our captions as we demonstrate this.

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