JV-ContentLinks - Add Keyword Link from Frontend for Free

As admin it will be much faster for you to allow users of specific user groups like Administrators or Super admins to add links in articles from front-end. JV-ContentLinks allows you to do that! 

  1. You need to decide who can see the link to add links in articles in front-end. This is configurable as follows:
    1. Visit JV-ContentLinks Dashboard and click on Options button at top right side.
    2. Configure the permissions for 'Add Link in Site Frontend for FREE action for the user groups as desired.
    3. Only those user groups configured for Allowed will be able to view and use this feature in front-end.

  2. Advertizing feature need or need not be set for this. It does not matter what value is set for that setting. It will work even if advertising feature is enabled. In such a case the user does not need to pay anything to add the link.
  3. Visit the 'Components' tab in the same screen, and select the categories in whose articles you want to allow keyword replacements in. The option to add link for your visitors will appear only in the articles of the selected categories.

  4. Once you configure the above settings, you can see a new link that calls for 'advertising' or 'add link'above or below the article content as you have configured. 

  5. Clicking on the 'Advertise in this article' will open an overlay window as follows where the visitor can select a keyword and provide link details to add the link.

See the video below. It will illustrate the workflow for an admin who will add a link advertise on 'Chris Woakes' keyword. Do click on captions (CC) in the video player to see our notes.

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