JV-ContentLinks - Getting Started

With JV-ContentLinks, you can define links for keywords in articles via Joomla back-end and front-end. When articles are viewed in front-end, JV-ContentLinks will automatically show the links on those keywords as defined. 

You may get started by doing the following:

  1. Ensure that you purchase and download the latest version of the JV-ContentLinks software from jv-extensions.com.
  2. Install the software using Joomla extensions manager. Installing the component will automatically install all the necessary extensions and required integrations with 3PD extensions. Read more in this article
  3. Go to JV-ContentLinks component dashboard and enable the integration for the Joomla extensions that you need. You can choose from Joomla Core, K2 and EasyBlog, or enable all of them. Read more in this article
  4. There are few simple but important concepts that you need to understand before using JV-ContentLinks. Read more in this article.
  5. Now you need to decide how you are planning to use JV-ContentLinks. Following are one or more ways you can use it. The next steps will depend on your choices of using it. Please use the "Read more" links against each way given below:
    1. Centralized Links Management: Add links to keywords from Joomla back-end. They will magically appear as you see view the articles in front-end. This also gives you extensive possibilities to control the link, expiry, styling etc... Read more in this article
    2. Advertising in Front-end: Allow your site visitors to purchase and place links on keywords of their choice/your choice. You can make money and also choose to share it with your article authors. Read more in this article
    3. Adding Links from Front-end for Free!: You can also choose to allow users of certain user groups to add links on keywords in frontend in a snap. They dont need to have permissions to edit the article! This is the quickest way to add links! This is very handy for administrators. Read more in this article
  6. Configure global and local JV-ContentLinks settings for keywords to links replacements in different extensions. Read more in this article

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