JV-ContentLinks - Enabling Integration with Joomla Articles

Joomla articles (com_content) is natively supported by JV-CL. This means that you can add links in all scopes and also advertise keywords in front-end. Following is the configuration required to get this working:

Configuration in JV-ContentLinks

  1. Visit the JV-ContentLinks dashboard in Joomla back-end and enable the Joomla articles integration

  2. Go to JV-ContentLinks configuration  - Components tab, and configure the 'Joomla Articles (com_content)' tab

Replacement Options:
Select categories for keyword to links replacements. JV-CL will convert keywords to links only in items in these selected categories. Press Control key to select more categories

Advertising Options:
Select categories for advertising. Advertising link option will be shown only in items in these categories. Press Control key to select more categories.

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