Configure Traffic History for Detail page display

2018 02 04 19 26 00

JV-LinkDirectory provides a very powerful feature of displaying the historical traffic to the website associated with a entry in charts in the detail page of that entry. It uses Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) for this purpose and implements the required actions to fetch and display the data.

The Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) at Amazon offers a platform for creating innovative Web solutions and services based on Alexa's vast information about web sites, accessible with a web services API. AWIS is a "Pay only for what you use" service. The Historical Traffic action in AWIS gives programmatic access to web site traffic rank, reach, and page views going back four years. JV-LinkDirectory uses this action to display graphs of traffic for the following for the last 31 days.

  1. Traffic Rank.
  2. Page Views per Million.
  3. Page Views Per User.
  4. Reach per million.

There are multiple steps to be followed to use this feature in JV-LinkDirectory:

Step-1: Sign up for an Amazon AWS account at if you dont have one already.

Step-2: Login to the AWS IAM Management Console to create an IAM user. (If you already have an IAM user for this purpose, you can skip to step 3.

Step-3: Follow the steps for how to setup an IAM user. Make sure that you give the IAM user the ?Programmatic access? access type.

Step-4: Create a policy that allows the IAM user to make requests to the AWIS service and assign the policy to the user. See the IAM User Guide for details. Click on the link to view a sample - sample policy. You can ignore any errors or warnings that you might see while creating the policy.

Step-5: If not done already in step-3, assign the newly created execution policy for the service to the user created above.

Step-6: Get the IAM user access keys (Access Key ID and Secret Key) from the IAM user management console page of the Amazon AWS portal, and note down in a safe place.

Step-7: Login to your Joomla backend - JV-LinkDirectory - Configuration - Essentials - Alexa Traffic History menu item

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Step-8: Provide the Access Key ID and Secret Key in the 2 fields in that screen. The values will be those that you noted down in Step-6. Save the configuration.

Step-9: Click on Styles menu item to the left, and click on "Edit Style Configuration" dropdown option of the style that you are using.

Step-10: Go to "Style Configuration" - "Link Detail" tab and ensure that you set "Show Traffic Statistics?" to "Yes".

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Step-11: The most important step now will be to ensure that you have enabled the cron job for JV-LinkDirectory. If you do not have a cron job created for JV-LinkDirectory, then please do so now. Without this, the traffic history data will not be generated.

Now visit the Detail page of the entries that have URLs associated with them, and you can see the "Traffic Stats" tab or section where you can view the traffic graphs.

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