JV-LinkDirectory - Enable and Configure JLex Review for Rating and Comments/Reviews

JLex Review is a best Joomla review extension for Virtuemart, Hikashop, K2, EasyBlog, ZOO, Flexicontent...etc. There is also a latest comments module to fetch latest comments from JLex Review and show them in JV-LinkDirectory module. Please follow the steps below to get JLex Review rating & commenting system integrate with JV-LinkDirectory.

Ensure that you use the latest version of JLex Review on your site. A plugin from JV-LD for JLex Review is required, and this has been installed already on your site when you installed JV-LinkDirectory. There is nothing more to install in JV-LD to get this integration working.


  1. Login to Joomla backend and go to Configuration - 'Listing User Actions' and click on 'Ratings & Comments/Reviews' tab
  2. In the next screen select "JLex Review from JLexArt" as the comment system to use.
  3. In the next screen select "JLex Review from JLexArtKomento from StackIdeas" as the rating system to use.
  4. Scroll down that page to 'JLex Review - Rating & Comments Options' to read details about the integration.
  5. Click on Save and Close.


Do the following to show the link rating and link rating & comments in link detail page:

  1. Go to Joomla back-end Configuration - 'Front-end Display Settings' and click on 'Listing Detail Page'.
  2. Set "Show Link Rating" to Yes, and "Show Link Reviews" to Yes
  3. Click on Save and Close.

Thats it! Now visit the detail pages of links in site frontend and you should see the JLex Review rating and comment appearing at the bottom of the listing info.

If you are migrating from a different commenting/rating system to JLex Review for JV-LD, then please ensure that you click and run 'Reset Ratings and Votes now!' in the Comments tab in this page

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