Enable and Configure PayPal Payment Plugin

PayPal Payment Plugin for JV-LD enables you to process and receive payments via credit card or using your PayPal account for various revenue generation functions in the directory. Payments are handled by Paypal and JV-LD is tightly integrated with Paypal gateway and IPN processing. Once the user finishes the payment, Paypal will notify JV-LD and JV-LD will process this notification in the background instantly and automatically. JV-LD will then generate a token called "Reference ID" and will include it in the email that it will send to user, to add his link to the directory. The email will contain details to proceed. The user can then follow the instructions to complete his purchase.

Step-1: Configure JV-LD PayPal Plugin

  1. Visit the Joomla backend and go to Extensions - Plugins section. 
  2. Choose "jvldpayment" as "Select Type" in the filter

Click on "JV-LinkDirectory - PayPal Online Payment Plugin" to edit the plugin. 


a) Gateway Title: Provide the title for payment gateway. This title will be shown as the payment method for PayPal in site frontend to users

b) Set the PayPal Environment:  This can be PayPal Live or PayPal Sandbox. PayPal Live is the actual production site, where in payments made are real time. PayPal Sandbox is a PayPal test environment where actual funds transfers do not happen. PayPal Sandbox can be used if you want to test the entire purchase flow with PayPal before going live with actual transactions. If you are using Sandbox, then do not forget to switch it to Live once you are ready to go live.

c) PayPal Email Address: This is your PayPal email address which you use for collecting payments. This is typically your login email address at PayPal.

d) Sandbox Email Address: If you are using the Sandbox environment, then you can must provide your PayPal sandbox email address here. For more information on how to obtain Sandbox account, please visit www.paypal.com.

Please ensure that you enable the plugin and save it.

You can also configure JV-LD and then make a live transaction by setting price of the plan to be very low (like $1) and test the purchase. Subequently you can refund the amount to your self, if you really want to test the production payment workflow.


Step-2: Configure your PayPal account to use IPN

IPN is Instant Processing Notification and is a Paypal concept. IPN enables Paypal to notify JV-LD, whenever a transaction is made for your Paypal account. In this case, whenever someone makes a purchase in the directory for one-way paid links or featured links or switch link plans or purchase advertisement or sponsor a category, Paypal will notify JV-LD. JV-LD has the capability to process this notification and process the order dynamically and instantly. Once the processing is done, JV-LD will notify you about the purchase, as well as the customer about the successful payment processing! It will also send the instructions to customer, on how to proceed to provide info or complete the transaction. By processing IPN, JV-LD makes all payment processing completely automated.

There are a couple of configurations that you need to do, to have the above automated system working for you. They are,

  1. Login to your Paypal account
  2. Go to Profile
  3. Go to Instant Payment Notification Preferences
  4. Turn On IPN
  5. Provide the Notification URL as, http://{www.yoursite.com}/index.php (please replace www.yoursite.com with your website url) and Save the settings
  6. Go back to profile summary
  7. Go to "Website Payment Preferences"
  8. Set "Auto Return" to On
  9. Set Return URL to http://{www.yoursite.com} (please replace www.yoursite.com with your website url) and Save the settings

Now your Paypal account is configured to send IPN notifications to JV-LD!


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