What are the search functions in JV-LD?

JV-LD provides 2 different types of searches - Joomla Integrated Search and Directory Specific Search


Joomla Integrated Search - This enables JV-LD search feature to be integrated with Joomla's default search form, which is available by default in Joomla. For this to work, you need to install and enable "JV-LD Plugin for Joomla search" plugin. Once this is done, when you search for some keyword in Joomla's search form, you will find results from JV-LD directory also being fetched and displayed.

Directory Specific Search - This is an advanced search facility that is available for users to search inside partner link titles, urls, descriptions, keywords, extra fields or custom fields defined. This is available in directory frontend as "Advanced Search" just above the categories listing.

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