Enable users to report broken listings in the Directory

"Report broken link" feature enables your directory visitors to report any link that is broken in the directory to the site admin. When this feature is enabled, a small "Report broken listing" icon will be added to every link in category pages and link detail pages. If your website visitors find that the link does not work or is broken, then they can report such a link, by clicking on that "Report broken listing" icon. An email will be sent to administrator informing the same. JV-LD will also validate the link to check if it is indeed broken, before informing the site admin!


You can access the Report Broken Link configuration from JV-LD Configuration - Partner Links - Link Actions sub menu item. See image below:

In the Link Actions config screen, scroll down and you will see the "Report Broken Links in Directory" feature option. You can decide to enable it only for logged in users or for all or disable that feature totally. See image below.

Report Broken Link Anyway: Servers return a 404 error, when a page or URL requested, is not found. This is used by JV-LD to identify that the link is broken. But in some cases, website administrators handle the 404 error page gracefully by customizing the 404 handler in their servers. In such cases, the server will return a 200 (page exists) code, even though the page does not exist in reality. If you set this option to Yes, then you will be notified irrespective of whether server returns 404 or 200 so that you can manually make a check. If you set this to No, then you will be notified only when 404 is returned.


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