How to add affiliate links as listings and manage them in JV-LD?

Usually links added to the directory will be pointing to a website url like or so. There is another type of links called Affiliate links, which let the affiliate earn money, when someone clicks on that url and performs a desired predefined action like a sale. These affiliate links are one-way links, which actually point to a different final url, than it is directly pointing to. In JV-LD we call them as affiliate links or alias urls or redirection urls.


When such links are to be added, there will be effectively 2 urls:

  • First is the affiliate link url
  • Second is the final destination that the affiliate link url will take the user to, when clicked. This is often called the landing page url in affiliate world

By default, JV-LD allows you to add only 1 link. To facilitate adding such type of affiliate urls, JV-LD 4.6 introduced options in "Affiliate/Redirection Links - Configuration" in JV-LD backend imgdoc-50settings.

When this setting is enabled, admin will be provided with 2 url fields to fill in. One will be the partner url and another will be the alias url. If link being added is an affiliate url, then provide the final destination url in partner url field and affiliate link url in alias url field. The alias url value will be used when someone tries to visit the partner site, thus ensuring that, it is clicked

Affiliate link urls option works only when links are added by admin via backend. As of now, frontend visitors will not be able to add such 2 types of urls. Only admin can, via backend.

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