JV-LinkDirectory - Post to Twitter whenever a new listing is added to Directory

JV-LinkDirectory provides a feature to tweet to your Twitter account, whenever a new website is added in JV-LD. For this to be done, Twitter mandates that you create an application and authorize that application to tweet on your behalf to your Twitter account.

JV-LD will be post to your Twitter account when one of the following events occur in JV-LD:

  • When a website is published (after approval or auto approved) in your directory under the following circumstances:
    • Link is added via frontend and approved by e-mail action
    • Link is added via frontend and is auto-approved
    • Link is added via frontend and approved using the facility (Approve/Reject Links) provided in frontend
    • Link is added via backend
    • Link is approved in backend

Please do the following 4 steps to achieve this in JV-LD:

  1. You need to have a developer account with Twitter to be able to create new application. If you dont have one, please read this article and create one. If you have one, or if you are only looking at editing an existing application at Twitter, then please proceed:
  2. Create an application in Twitter. Instead if you want to use an existing application, then you can edit it as well.
  3. Once the application is created, configure JV-LinkDirectory component settings for Posting to Twitter
  4. At this stage, you have created the application, and configured JV-LinkDirectory to use the application to post on your behalf. The last step is to configure the JV-LD Twitter Plugin to post to Twitter whenever a new listing is added. Read this article for detailed steps.

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