Enable users to bookmark links or add them to favorites list

Bookmarking enables users of your website to bookmark or add desired links from the directory to their favorite list. This helps increase participation in directory activities. An icon or menu item will appear in the existing menu in JV-LD category pages and link detail pages with which they can bookmark that link. When bookmarking links (also called as "adding a link to his favorite list"), the user will be able to provide a comment for his own reference.  These comments will be visible in his "My Favorite Links" interface as well. 

Please do the following to enable this feature:

1. Visit the JV-LD Configuration - Partner Links - Link Actions menu

2. Enable the "Bookmarking Directory Entries/Links" feature by setting it to Yes.

Add to Favorites Form:

This comment will not be displayed to anyone else or to public. It will only be displayed to the user who bookmarked it, and that too in the same link itself in My Favorite Listings menu.


The logged in user can also view his Favorite Listings by visiting the Directory menu in frontend and clicking on User Menu - My Favorite Listings.

JV-LD also provides a module type with which you can show the list of favorite links of the logged in user.


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