How to include Directory URLs in Sitemap using XMap

JV-LD produces URLs for all its pages like categories, link details etc... These URLs can be added to your website sitemap, so that search engines can easily identify your link directory and its pages. Please ensure that XMap is installed and JV-LD sitemap plugin for XMap is also installed in XMap.


Please do the following to configure the installed plugin:

  • Once successfully installed, go to Components - Xmap - Extensions
  • Click on Installed Extensions
  • You must see that JV-LD Plugin installed in the list
  • Click on its options link and you can set the category priority and change frequency and click on save
  • Click on Sitemaps tab and then on Options for the chosen sitemap
  • Click on clean cache for Xmap to rebuild its sitemap with JV-LD URLs in it


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