Import Links into JV-LinkDirectory in bulk

JV-LD structures the data it stores in terms of categories and links. JV-LD provides multiple import utilities using which you can import these data in the right structure from other software and extensions. These include importing from JV-LinkExchanger, importing from LinX, importing from Weblinks, importing from Bookmarks and importing from a text or CSV file. All the import tools are available in the Joomla backend - JV-LinkDirectory Dashboard - Utilities section.

JV-LD provides a mechanism by which the links and categories data can be imported from a text or csv file too!. The pre-defined file MUST be a .txt file. The file must have the links in it, in the following structure only

  • The text file must be saved in UTF-8 without BOM encoding
  • Every line or record or sentence in the file corresponds to one partner link
  • The first record or line in the file must have the field names that represent the data in subsequent lines. You can define fieldnames in any order, but must be from any of the following allowed names only

    link-url : Partner Link Url. Start with http:// - Mandatory
    link-title : Partner Link Title - Mandatory
    link-desc : Partner Link Description - Optional
    partner-email : Partner Email Address - Optional
    num-votes : Number of votes - Optional
    link-rating : Rating for link - can be any number between 0 and 5 - 0 and 5 inclusive - Optional
    metakeys : Semicolon separated keywords for this link - Optional
    link-owner-id : Joomla User ID of link owner - Optional
    link-category-id : Numeric ID of the Primary category that this link belongs to - Mandatory
    featured : Featured link? 1 for Yes and 0 for No - Optional
    field1 : Stores the value for extra field whose ID is 1 - Optional
    field2 : Stores the value for extra field whose ID is 2 - Optional

    You can add as many extra fields that you have configured in JV-LD, like the above like field3, field4 etc...
  • Only text links can be added using this facility
  • Comma (,) is used as the field separator in the records. So please ensure that there is NO comma (,) in your field values lines
  • If you have comma (,) in your field values, then replace it with tilde symbol (~). During import JV-LD will automatically convert ~ to , and do the import for all field values
  • If you dont want to provide a value for some field, then enter a value of NA as value in that field
  • Create any number of links as per your requirements
  • Data entered in the file is case sensitive. All field names must be lower case in the first line
  • All links will be added as One-way links
  • If the link that you add already exists in directory, then it will be updated with the information provided. In such a case, link url value cannot be changed. To change link url, please edit the link in links section

A sample file - jvlinkstruct.txt is also included in the product distribution (in {joomla}/components/com_jvld/temp/templates folder})for your reference. Once you create/edit the file, please select and upload it as text file to import.

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