Earn with Featured Links

Featured links are website links, which get special attention and exposure, as they are displayed at the top of directory pages. Featured links is one of the best ways for you to earn money with a directory. Featured links can be configured to be free or/and paid in JV-LD. You can configure multiple plans in back-end and in the site front-end, users will be shown all these plans and they will select one from them and proceed. 

Configuring Featured Links Plans:

  1. Visit JV-LD Configuration - Revenue - Featured Links Configuration in back-end.
  2. Set "Enable this feature?" to Yes 
  3. Provide your value for benefits that can be displayed to the user.
  4. Click on "Plans" tab and then on "Add New Plan" button.
  5. Provide a name to the plan. For example "Standard" or "Premium" etc... as you wish.
  6. To set an unlimited duration, enter a value of -1 in the duration attribute
  7. To provide featured links for free, delete all plan records.

Where are featured links displayed?

Featured links are displayed at multiple places in the directory

  • In a block called "Featured links block" that can be configured to be displayed on the top of all the category pages in the directory. This again has two options - Vertically sliding display or just a static normal display of featured links with thumbnails. A sample block is shown below:

  • In a separate page called "Featured Links" page where all links in featured listing will be displayed with big website preview thumbnails
  • JV-LD Module can be configured to display featured links as well

How can customer add his link to featured listing?

Customer must add his link to your directory first before he can add it to featured listing. Assuming that, he has added his link to your directory already, then he can add it to featured listing in one of the following ways:

  • After he adds his link, he will be presented with the option to add this link to featured listing.
  • Once his link is published in the directory, the listing provides an option to add that link to featured listing.
  • There is an option in the featured links block to add a link to featured listing

How do I receive payments for Paid Plans?

If you have configured/added paid plans for featured links, then you must do some additional steps in JV-LinkDirectory as follows:

  1. Visit JV-LD Configuration - Core/Category - Payments Options Configuration and set your operating currency.
  2. Go to Extensions -> Plugin manager and filter by "type" and choose "jvldpayment" plugins.
  3. Now you need to decide if you are planning to use PayPal or "Offline" or any other pre-defined mode of receiving payments. Each plugin corresponds to be one mode of payment. You may choose multiple modes too. Once you decide this, enable all those relevant plugins from that screen. You may also have to configure those individual plugins accordingly. 

What happens when featured links are configured to be free and a customer adds his site to featured listing in front-end?

Since featured links have been configured to be free, JV-LD will just check if the link is already in featured listing and if not will add the listing to featured listing directly.

What happens when featured links are configured to be paid (with one/more paid plans) and a customer adds his site to featured listing in front-end?

  1. Whenever a user goes to the screen where he wants to add his listing to featured listings, JV-LD will fetch all the pre-defined paid plans and will display them to the user.
  2. The user can then select the plan suitable to him and will click on "Continue".
  3. He will be shown the price of that plan and he will reconfirm his choice in the next screen.
  4. He will also be provided the option to add coupon code at this stage.
  5. He will also be shown all modes of payment (like Offline/PayPal) as enabled in your directory. The user will select the payment mode and will proceed to make the payment.
  6. Once the payment is made, he will be sent an email with "reference ID" and "payer email" for that transaction and his listing will be added to featured listing. 

* Step 6 is not applicable for Offline payments. For offline payments, please visit the Payments Category in documentation.

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