Configure Listing Owner Notifications in JV-LinkDirectory

JV-LD enables you to notify the owners of the links in your directory, when one of the following events occur. Notifications are instant when these events happen in JV-LD:


  • When someone votes for a link
  • When someone bookmarks a link
  • When someone writes a review for a link
  • When someone downloads a file of a listing

There is yet another notification that can be configured for owners of links. You can enable cumulative statistics to be sent every month to all link owners. This is not an instant notification. To send this monthly statistics email please ensure that you have the JV-LD cron job configured for running background operations.

The statistics that will be sent includes:

  • Rating
  • Number of views
  • Number of votes
  • Number of outgoing hits
  • Number of incoming hits to our directory from your link
  • Number of bookmarks

The email that will be sent can be customized via the "Essentials" - "Mass Email Configuration" screen as:


Sample Email:


Thank you for placing your link ( in our directory at We 
would like to remind you that, you have enabled the option to receiving performance statistics for 
your link in our directory, which will be sent once a month. This can help you in understanding how 
your link performs in our directory.

Following is the performance statistics till date:

* Rating (1 to 5, 5 being the highest): 4
* Number of views: 2
* Number of votes: 1
* Number of hits: 0
* Number of incoming hits to our directory from your link: 0
* Number of bookmarks: 0

For more information, please visit your link at


Configure Notifications:

Visit JV-LD Configuration and go to "Link Owner Notification Configuration". These are email notifications that will be sent by JV-LD to your link partners who have added links to your directory. The link owners will have the option to receive such emails when they add their link and also in the "Manage my Links" section.

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