Create and Manage Coupons for your Directory users for purchases

JV-LinkDirectory provides COUPON SYSTEM feature for payments. This feature enables you to create coupon codes in JV-LinkDirectory back-end and also define it to be used for one or more revenue generation services. When users go to the confirmation screen for payment in your site, the option to provide a coupon code will be provided.

Do the following to manage coupons in JV-LD:

  1. Login to Joomla backend using administrator login
  2. Go to Components - JV-LinkDirectory - Dashboard and click on Coupons link to go to the interface where you can create, edit, delete coupons.

Create New Coupon Interface:

As depicted in the screenshot above, you can define the date from when the coupon will be valid and till the date when it will be valid to. You can also define the maximum number of uses of a coupon code. It does not matter if you want to provide a discount in value (like 5 USD or 10 USD) or percentage (like 10% of 20% etc...), JV-LinkDirectory provides an option for that too. You can also define the maximum of reuses per user account too!

View Coupons List Interface:

Coupon Usage Interface in Site Front-end:


In site front-end the coupon system has been implemented using ajax, which means that the coupon validation will be done without page refreshes. This provides a better user experience for your customers during payments. The revenue summary section in backend now also includes an option to show records by coupon codes and also view coupon code used against purchases made.

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