JV-LinkDirectory - Basic Concepts

JV-LD creates a directory of listings in your Joomla website and accessed in site front-end using a menu item. This article will provide you a basic understanding of terminologies used in JV-LD and should help you get started.

Basic Concepts:

The link directory created by JV-LD is a directory of listings (url and/or non-url) of other websites and businesses. The listings in the directory are grouped under various categories and sub-categories with unlimited depth. The categorization is usually based on the whole web site rather than one page or a set of keywords, and listings are often limited to inclusion in categories.

JV-LD provides your website users with facility to directly submit their site for inclusion. You or your management (based on configuration) can review listings submissions and approve or reject the requests. Listings can be reciprocal links too. Reciprocal links are those in which you and your partner point links from each others' site.

In the front-end, the directory has a home page, one or more category pages, one or more listing detail pages and many other pages specific to certain functions and features. 

  1. Category pages are those in which you will listings belonging to that category listed one after the other. These listings show minimal information about each listing.
  2. Listing Detail page or just detail page is the page where detailed information of a listing is shown. Every listing in JV-LD has a listing detail page.

Partner Listing Profiles:

A listing in JV-LD is characterized by multiple attributes like the website title, description, and a banner image. You can make multiple unique combinations of this information and each such combination will be called a profile. Both description and banner can be set to be mandatory or optional. A partner website can have multiple profiles, but all the profiles will point to the same  website domain or URL. When there are multiple profiles for a link, then JV-LinkDirectory will show information from one of the profiles in the detail page every time randomly. This enables search engines to see different profiles upon each visit, thus enhancing SEO for your website. 

Listing Plans:

JV-LD provides multiple features for listings that can be segregated for different users of your directory. They can be bundled together in different combinations and presented to users to choose from. Each such combination is called a Listing Plan. Every listing in JV-LinkDirectory is associated with a listing plan. The listing plan decides the various functions like number of photos, videos, files, profiles etc.. that listings of that type can have.

Self Profiles:

Self profiles are profiles that you define for your website. These are used for link exchanges only. You can define unlimited number of self profiles and these self profiles will be displayed to your partner during link exchange. Your partner can select one of the profiles and can link back to you. If you define more than 1 text or banner profile, then all of them will be shown in the link exchange pages for your partner to select from. If you define a listing plan that mandates back link, then you must create a self profile first.

Extended URLs in Self Profiles:

JV-LD provides a unique concept called Extended URLs for self-profiles. Normally all the URLs for self profiles will have the same URL. But using the extended URL concept, you can define an internal page URL for each profile if you wish to. Thus each profile can point to different URLs, but all in your website only. This improves website Search Engine Optimization, as your partners will link back not just to your domain, but to internal pages of your website as well.

For example, if your website is http://www.def.com then you can create 3 self profiles such that, one of them points to http://www.def.com/index.php, another pointing to http://www.def.com/videos/index.php and another points to http://www.def.com/index.php/search.html. In this case, index.php, videos/index.php and search.html become the extended urls for each of your profiles.

Directory Enhancements:

In addition to the core link exchange and directory features, JV-LD also enables your partners and website users to rate links, vote for links, write reviews, claim their link, report broken link, manage their listings, add link, suggest new categories, like links, unlike links, google maps, photo gallery, video gallery and many more Search Engine Optimization features...

In addition to the core features, JV-LD also provides additional support for other services like sitemap, sef urls, twitter, jomsocial, community builder and more! Do checkout the individual documentation articles to understand how to use these features.

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