JV-LinkDirectory - Installing Component and associated extensions

This article will help you in doing a fresh installation of JV-LinkDirectory component and plugins... Ensure that you have the latest version of JV-LinkDirectory for Joomla with you. You may download the latest version from Customer Area. If you dont have an account in the customer area already, then please create one for free using the email address you used for purchasing the product.

Once you download the product, please unzip the downloaded file first before proceeding any further. You will find zip files in the unzipped folder which you need to install separately as given below: 

Component Installation:

  1. Login to administrator (backend) section of your Joomla website
  2. Go to Extensions - Extensions Manager - Install section
  3. Click on the "Browse" button to select the component zip file (com_jvld_<version>.zip in unzipped folder), and hit the "Upload & Install" button

  4. You will see the following screen after successful upload:

  5. Now click on "Install/Upgrade" button to continue with execution of post installation tasks

  6. In the post installation screen, click on "Install/Upgrade" button. The ensuing steps will create/update the necessary database tables of JV-LD and will also install JV-LD modules and all the associated plugins.

  7. Component installation is now complete

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