JV-Relatives - Translation to Foreign languages

JV-Relatives comes packed with the English language file by default. If you would like to translate the language files of JV-Relatives (recommended is frontend files), then you may please follow this article.

There are several providers and customers, who have shown interest and contributed with foreign language files for JV-Relatives. You may use them for JV-Relatives, or create one for your own language, if one for your language is not available, already.

  • To create a translation, translate the English phrases in the following files in your Joomla! website:
    • {Joomla}/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jvrelatives.ini for site frontend
    • {Joomla}/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jvrelatives.ini for site backend
    • {Joomla}/administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_jvrelatives.sys.ini for site backend
  • Create your language files such that you replace en-GB with your language prefix
  • Do not translate any text that appears between { and } in the english file. These texts will be dynamically replaced with their values by JV-Relatives
  • Save the language files in UTF-8 format without BOM. You may use Notepad++ for this as well and set the appropriate encoding.
  • Review the translated file for errors, correct them and save the file to the following respective locations
    • {Joomla}/language/{your lang prefix}/{your lang prefix}.com_jvrelatives.ini
    • {Joomla}/administrator/language/{your lang prefix}/{your lang prefix}.com_jvrelatives.ini
    • {Joomla}/administrator/language/{your lang prefix}/{your lang prefix}.com_jvrelatives.sys.ini
    • Create the language prefix folder if it does not already exist
  • You may also want to share the language file with others by sending the files to support@jv-extensions.com

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