JV-HelpDesk - Module Functions and Configuration

JV-HelpDesk is packed with a single module zip file consisting of 4 modules, which after installation can be copied multiple times and configured to display different types of data. Using modules are optional but recommended whenever there is a need. 

Following are the prerequisites for module configuration:

  • JV-HelpDesk component is installed and configured
  • JV-HelpDesk module is installed

Module Configuration:

  • Go to Joomla backend and click on Extensions - Module Manager
  • Click on the "JV-HelpDesk Module Suite" item in the list, to edit it
  • Decide what you want to show in the module. You have 4 choices to select from:
    • Recent Tickets
    • Recent Replies
    • Unassigned Tickets - For staff members only
    • Tickets in a Status - For staff members only

  • Each module instance you have will have one type of data shown, which will be one of the above.
  • For each instance you can configure to show/hide category, status, priority, creation date, created by, number of tickets/replies, and content to show.
  • Select the pages where you want to assign the module to and publish it without fail.

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