JV-HelpDesk - Assigning tickets to Staff Members

Whenever a new ticket is created, it will by default be in "Open" state with no staff member assigned to it.

Such tickets can be assigned to staff members in one of the following 4 ways:

  1. An unassigned ticket is automatically assigned to the staff member when he/she replies to it the first time in frontend or backend.
  2. A staff member clicks on the "Assign Ticket to me" in Ticket details page in frontend.
  3. The admin selects one or more tickets and assigns it to a specific staff member from back-end.
  4. Setup assignment rules in back-end using which JV-HelpDesk can automatically assign tickets to staff members when tickets are created.

Whenever a staff member visits the "Browse My Tickets" page in frontend, he/she will be shown an additional tab called " Un-Assigned Tickets". He/She can review them and can do (1) or (2) as given above to assign it to themselves.

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