JV-HelpDesk - Getting Started

Please do the following to get started with JV-HelpDesk:

Note that the user must be logged in do any operation like opening new tickets, searching inside tickets, replying to tickets, changing status of tickets, closing ticket etc... JV-HelpDesk does not allow "Public" to do any operations except for viewing the home page of JV-HelpDesk.

Step-1: Download the latest version of JV-HelpDesk component from JV-Extensions.com, and install it on your Joomla! website. Read this article.

Step-2: Once the installation is completed, go to JV-HelpDesk component using Joomla - Components menu  and create as many categories as you need.

Step-3: Create categories to host tickets. Read this article

Step-4: For customers/users to be able to edit and delete their tickets you need to set the following options in JV-HelpDesk options tab. Read this article to know more.

Step-5: When you install JV-HelpDesk, 3 priorities are created by default. You can configure them, and also add more priorities. Read this article to know more

Step-6: When you install JV-HelpDesk, 3 statuses are created by default. You can configure them, and also add more custom statuses too. Read this article to know more

Step-7: If you are planning to tag tickets or let your users tag tickets, then you need to set the permissions accordingly. Read this article to know more

Step-8: Visit the Configuration menu item from JV-HelpDesk Dashboard, and configure the various options.

If you wish to migrate or import data from another ticket management system (Akeeba Ticket System is supported now), then you may visit the Migration menu from Dashboard and run the migration. The migration will import all categories, custom fields, tickets, and ticket attachments from Akeeba Ticket System.

Step-9: Go to Joomla menu in back-end, and create a menu item for front-end visitors to file and manage their tickets. Read more

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