JV-PostMaster - Configure Cron Publisher

JV-PM Publisher plugin is invoked on every page refresh and it picks up the messages from JV-PM queue and posts them to provider accounts. At times, you may not want this plugin to be invoked upon every page refresh or it could be possible that, your site frontend and backend or not visited by anyone for a very long time (during when the publisher plugin will not be invoked). In such cases, you can use the cron publisher to post messages.

It is important that you create a cron job and configure it to run periodically. You need to add a job entry in CRON (via cpanel of your hosting account). We recommend that you schedule the cron job to run periodical checks once in 30 minutes, though you can schedule it more frequently as well.

To get JV-PM to work with these 3PD components, you need to setup a cron job that runs once every 30 minutes as follows:

As an example for Joomla core articles at abc.com, the cron job that runs once in 30 minutes will be as follows:


  • Go to JV-PM Component Configuration in backend and click on General - Basic tab. 
  • In that tab you will find an option called "Secret Key for Cron Jobs". 
  • Provide a simple 5-6 long alpha numeric combination (without spaces and special characters) string. For e.g. abcad12 or 345sfjf etc.. 
  • Click on save.
  • This secret key will be used to verify that you are indeed running the cron job, and will prevent unauthorized execution of the job anytime. DO NOT SHARE THIS KEY WITH ANYONE.
  • Now after saving the configuration, come back to configuration section - Joomla Articles/K2/EasyBlog tab.
  • There you will find a tab called "Cron Configuration". Click on it.
  • The page will then show you the exact cron job command to be used.


Go to your hosting control panel - Cron jobs section and add a cron job as follows:

/usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null "<a href="http://{www.yoursite.com}/components/com_jvpm/cron/ingest.php">http://www.abc.com/index.php?option=com_jvpm&view=cron&act=publish&secret=12345&format=raw</a>"


/usr/bin/curl --silent --compressed "<a href="http://{www.yoursite.com}/components/com_jvpm/cron/ingest.php">http://www.abc.com/index.php?option=com_jvpm&view=cron&act=publish&secret=12345&format=raw</a>"

In the above commands, replace abc.com with your site url, and 12345 with your secret key.

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