JV-PostMaster - Add Facebook account

This article explains the process for creating or associating an existing Facebook account with JV-PM on your Joomla website.

Following is the summary of the steps to be followed:

  • Create an application in your Facebook account
  • Add a Facebook account to JV-PM
  • Authorize Application to post to your Facebook account

Step-1: Creating an application in Facebook

You must create an application at Facebook for the Facebook account to which you want JV-PM to post to. You can refer to the article for steps to create an application at Facebook

Step-2: Adding Facebook Account to JV-PM

Please note that you must already have an account at Facebook to continue. You may then follow the steps below to create a Facebook account in JV-PM:

Step-2.1: Go to Accounts section in JV-PM backend admin panel

Step-2.2: Click on "New Account" and select "Facebook" from it

Step-2.3: Provide the following values in the form given:

  • "Application ID": Provide the Application ID from the Facebook application that you created.
  • "Application Secret": Provide the Application Secret from the application that you just created
  • Select the version of graph API your Facebook app is using. You can get this info from Facebook app - App Settings - Advanced menu - Upgrade API version section, or from app dashboard
  • Decide whether you want to post to your groups. If yes, then additional group posting permissions will be needed and included to post to groups. This also requires reviewing these additional app permissions with Facebook. So if you dont plan to post to your groups, then dont enable this option for now.
  • "Select between Long and Short URL" - Decide if you want to use short or long urls when article url is posted.
  • Also provide values for maximum number of characters of the status message and message description

Click on Save and Close. Now your existing Facebook account will be successfully added to JV-PM

Step-3: Authorize Facebook App to Post to your account

Step-3.1: In the accounts screen, for the facebook account account that you just added, click on "Authorize"

Step-3.2: You will be taken to Facebook website where you will be asked to authorize the app to post and read posts on your behalf. Click on Okay button.

Step-3.3: Once you click on Okay, you will return to your site admin where the authorization is handled. You can then view the new Facebook account in the accounts listing.

Step-3.4: Click on the red x button to publish the Facebook account that you just added.

Video Tutorial

We have also created a short video about the entire procedure if that can help you:

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