JV-PostMaster - Create Application in Facebook

To be able to post to Facebook from your website, you need to create an application in Facebook first. Please read and follow the steps below to create your Facebook application.


Go to Facebook developers website in a new browser window.


Login to your Facebook account, to which you want JV-PM to post updates.


Click on "My Apps" - "Add a New App" button


Provide a name for the app, give it an email address for communication, and click on "Create App ID". You may be asked to submit a captcha challenge in the next screen!


In the next screen, click on "Settings - Basic" menu item to the left


Provide your site url (without http and https) in the App domains field. For example, customer.jv-extensions.com, if your site is http://customer.jv-extensions.com. If your site is http://www.abc.com, then provide abc.com as the value in App domain field.


Choose a Category for the app


Provide the value for "Privacy URL" and "Terms of Service URL". These are the URLs on your site.


Choose an App Icon, and provide your email in the "Contact Email" box.


Set "Support my own business" for the "Business Use" field.


If you are doing business in the European Union, then fill all the necessary fields in "Data Protection Officer Contact Information" section.


Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom.


Click on "Advanced" menu under "Settings" to the left. Choose v2.12 for both the dropdowns in "Upgrade API version" section. If you dont find it and instead only see 3.{x} version, then go ahead and select that. Click on Save button at the bottom.


Click on "Add Product" in the left sidebar, and then on "Set Up" button in "Facebook Login" block.


In the next screen that comes, select "Web" as the platform


In the "Site URL" field provide your website URL starting with http:// and click on Save button.


Now click on "Settings" menu link under "Facebook Login" in sidebar. Provide the value for "Valid OAuth redirect URIs". The Callback URL mentioned in the JV-PM edit account page is the redirect URI that you must use. Please make sure that the redirect URI or callback URL does NOT end with & when you provide the value.


Ensure that you set the following values, and dont forget to save the settings after that:

  • Client OAuth Login to "Yes"
  • Web OAuth Login to "Yes"
  • Enforce HTTPS to "Yes"
  • Embedded Browser OAuth Login to "Yes"
  • Login from Devices to "No"
  • Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs to "Yes"
  • Force Web OAuth Reauthentication to "No"

The next step is to  submit the app for review with Facebook.


Click on "Dashboard" tab to the left, make a note of the App ID and App Secret. You will need this for configuring JV-PM for this app.

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