JV-PostMaster - Create Application in Twitter

Twitter follows OAuth authentication method which requires that the application posting on behalf of the user be authorized to post. So the first step would be create an application in Twitter. Subsequently, you must authorize the created application to post to your Twitter account on your behalf.

You need to have a developer account with Twitter to be able to create new application. If you dont have one, please read this article and create one. If you have one, or if you are only looking at editing an existing application at Twitter, then please proceed as follows:

  1. Go to https://developer.twitter.com
  2. Login with your twitter account credentials (account to which you want JV-PostMaster to post tweets). You will be taken to "My Applications"
  3. Click on "Apps" at the top right hand side of the screen.
  4. Click on "Create an app"
  5. Application name: Provide a unique application name - Usually your website title or a name that you like to have
  6. Application description: Provide a description for the application.
  7. Website URL: Please provide your website URL.
  8. Do not tick the checkbox - "Enable Sign in with Twitter"
  9. Provide value for Callback URL. You can get this value from JV-PostMaster Account Configuration - Account edit screen
  10. Provide values for Terms of Service URL, Privacy Policy URL, Organization Name & Organization website URL
  11. Provide information for "Tell us how this app will be used". You can use the following as sample:

    This app will be used to post updates to my twitter timeline whenever new articles or existing articles are updated. 

  12. Set "Read and Write" as the access permissions
  13. Save/Submit the application.
  14. Once you create the application, please make a note of Consumer Keys (API key & API Secret Key) from "Keys & Tokens" tab of the application.

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