JV-PostMaster - What are Auto Posting Rules

Auto Posting Rules that provides greater control and ability to post to social media. Auto posting refers to the concept of posting article info to one or more channels/providers when the article is saved in Joomla frontend or/and backend. You can create and edit auto posting rules that define, what to post (source) and where to post to (channel/provider). When you create a rule, you are instructing JV-PostMaster to post the configured message to the selected channel/provider account whenever any of the articles in the selected categories are saved.

Before deciding to create auto posting rules, we recommend that you write down a plan for social media posting. This plan can be derived by asking a few questions to yourself for each social media account that you have configured:

1. Which resource should I be posting to this account?
2. What are the articles (or their categories) should be posted?
3. What is the message that I should post?

Do this for each social media account and you will find it extremely easy to manage posting with auto posting rules. You may create as many auto posting rules as required, even one for each/multiple combination of resource and provider.

If you do not wish to post to provider accounts when you save articles/content, then you do not need to create auto post rules.

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