JV-PostMaster - Types of Posting and Queuing

As already indicated in the 'Get Started with JV-PostMaster' document, the overall process of posting updates happens in 2 steps - Ingestion and Publishing.

Ingestion and Publishing:

  • Ingestion is the process of picking up the content from resources, processing it and adding it to the message queue.
  • Publishing is the process of picking messages from the message queue and posting it to the provider accounts

Ingestion and Publishing happen asynchronously meaning that, they do not happen in a single process. Ingestion happens upon events like for example, when articles/JV-LD links are saved/articles are added to database. On the contrary publishing happens for every page refresh in backend and frontend and/or when cron job runs (assuming cron publisher is scheduled)

Manual Posting/Queuing:

Is the posting or queuing that you do by visiting the "Manual Posting" section in JV-PM admin backend. When you choose the "Manual Posting" section, you can select the article, and the JomSocial, Twitter, LinkedIn, EasySocial, Tumblr and Facebook accounts to which you want to post. You can also type in your own message with predefined tags as the tweet message. Once done, the messages are added to the queue for posting. These are then published to the provider account pages by the publisher plugin or the instant "Post Now" button from Queue section.

Automatic Posting/Queuing:

Is the posting or queuing that happens when you save a resource in Joomla or predefined components. Message format and article information is automatically taken from the post accounts configurations in JV-PM backend.

Delayed Posting:

This is a slight variation of automatic posting. In automatic posting, articles are immediately queued and publisher/cron plugin will post it the next time it runs. In delayed posting, articles are immediately queued as in automatic posting, but the publisher/cron plugin will pick it up for posting only after a pre-determined delay. This delay can be configured in JV-PM settings.

There is another perception to delayed posting - Usually when you save an article, JV-PM queues and publishes it almost immediately. This sometimes creates problems if author of the article realizes that he has to correct something in the article or make some changes before posting. This option enables you to set a value in minutes for delaying the posting. 

In either case of manual, automatic and delayed queuing, the real posting is again done by the publisher plugin or cron publisher when they run.

Scheduled Manual Posting:

In JV-PM 3.2, we introduced a new feature called "Scheduled Manual Posting" which enables you to schedule a posting to social media accounts for a specific time. This is possible by selecting the date and time of the manual posting. 

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