JV-PostMaster - Understanding Queues

Queues are used to temporarily store content that needs to be posted. The Queue interface in JV-PM backend provides a centralized view of what is in the queue and pending posting to social media. Ingestor plugins enqueue messages into the queue and publisher plugins dequeue messages from the queue and posts them to social networking accounts.

You can monitor the queue anytime, by viewing the "Queue" interface in JV-PM backend. You can view the item ID, provider (Twitter or Facebook etc...), Account username or screen name, queued on date, to post on date and time, number of tries and the post message for every item in the queue.

You will also be able to delete one or more selected items from the queue anytime using the "Delete" button in the Queue interface.

Concept of Retries:

Whenever the publisher or cron plugin is unable to post an enqueued message to provider accounts, due to connectivity errors, provider errors, etc..., then that message will be retried for posting again later. You can set the maximum number of re-tries beyond which the message will be discarded from the queue. You can also set the time delay between 2 retries! from JV-PM component configuration.

OnDemand Publishing: 

In the Queues interface, you can also select a set of messages and publish them instantly. This is the ondemand publisher way of posting.

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