JV-PostMaster - Getting Started

JV-PostMaster is an extension suite that can post updates to your social networking accounts like JomSocial activity stream, EasySocial stream, multiple Twitter accounts, multiple Tumblr blogs, multiple Facebook accounts - profile walls, group walls and page walls, multiple LinkedIn accounts, multiple Pinterest accounts, and can even ping search engines when you save articles and content in Joomla and other pre-defined components. JV-PostMaster is also compatible with article generator components like FeedGator, Article Generator etc.. which import feeds from external sources and create articles in Joomla.

JV-PM comes with a component that manages the extension suite. JV-PostMaster consists of two parts - Providers and Resources.


Providers are service providers like Facebook, JomSocial, EasySocial, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Web ping services. JV-PM has the ability to post to your accounts that you have with these providers.

At this point of time, JV-PM supports 8 providers:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Tumblr
  6. EasySocial
  7. JomSocial
  8. Handful of ping services.

Resources and Resource Packs:

Resources are Joomla! resources or components or content types, whose updates are posted to pre-configured provider accounts in JV-PM. Support for resources are provided using integrations in JV-PM.

At this point of time, JV-PM supports 4 content types or resources:

  1. Joomla! content
  2. K2
  3. EasyBlog
  4. JV-LinkDirectory (JV-LD).

The product when installed automatically contains the integration for it post to all provider accounts for all resources.

Internal Architecture:

JV-PM is internally implemented using two plugins:

Configuration Plugin - This is the plugin that will enable configuration management for that resource in JV-PM. This plugin also provides utility functions that is used by JV-PM for ingesting updates.

Ingestor Plugin - This is the plugin that picks up the message from that content, processes the message and adds it to the message queue for posting.

The overall flow of posting updates is asynchronous. Ingestor plugins pick up data when events occur and adds the messages to be posted to message queue. The publishing plugin (that will run upon every page refresh automatically) and/or cron publisher will pick up messages from the queue (in LIFO) style and will post the updates to the provider accounts.

Publisher plugin is a JV-PM system plugin that is invoked upon every page refresh in site frontend and backend. It picks up messages from the message queue and will post them to facebook, twitter, tumblr accounts etc...

Cron publisher does the exact functionality as Publisher plugin, but this needs to be configured via cron. You can use both of them or either of them at the same time.

Cron Ingestor:

This is yet another feature or channel for ingesting posts into message queue. This channel is used, when you want to monitor your Joomla database for new articles and pick up data for them and post them to the providers. This replaces the onsave event monitoring.

For example, components like FeedGator and Article Generator extract content from feeds and create articles in Joomla. Thus there is no concept of "saving an article" here. They directly create content in database. If you are using such components and want to post to social networks, then you need to configure a cron job to run this cron ingestor.


There are a couple of modules for JV-PM, which display the tweets and posts from your Twitter and Facebook accounts (pages, groups and profile walls) as modules in your Joomla websites. Installation of them is optional and is based on your preference.

Steps to Get Started:

First step is to identify your Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, EasySocial, JomSocial, Web Ping Services and Facebook accounts that need to be updated by JV-PM. Subsequently do the following:


  • Understand the concepts of queuing and posting.
  • Install JV-PM extension suite.


  • Go to Accounts section in JV-PM backend and Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, EasySocial, Facebook, Tumblr, JomSocial and Ping Service accounts as required. You must have a working installation of JomSocial to add the JomSocial account to JV-PM. Similarly you must have a working installation of EasySocial to add the EasySocial account to JV-PM.
  • To let JV-PM post to your Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts, you need to create new applications in each of your Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. This is a one time activity, but is required as per the OAuth authentication standards
  • Once you create the applications, you need to authorize the applications to tweet to your respective Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest and Facebook accounts. This is again done from JV-PM backend.
  • You may also add Ping Services from "Accounts" section in JV-PM backend.
  • To post to JomSocial, you need to add a JomSocial account as well. 
  • To post to EasySocial, you need to add a EasySocial account as well
  • Go to JV-PM admin panel and configure its settings for each resource. Dont forget to configure post account specific settings as well

Subsequently, whenever you save an article or add an article, it will be tweeted to your Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/EasySocial/JomSocial/Tumblr accounts and notifications will be posted to configured ping web services as per the preferences.

You can also manually tweet and post updates to your Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, EasySocial, Tumblr, JomSocial and Facebook accounts using "Manual Posting" section in JV-PostMaster backend.

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