JV-LinkExchanger - Featured Links

In this article, you will learn about Featured Links in JV-LinkExchanger.

Featured links are paid ONE-WAY and TWO-WAY links which reside in your directory and point to your partners. These links are of a different league all together and are treated "specially" and uniquely when compared to the regular one-way and two-way links.

You must configure the Featured Links tab section in JV-LinkExchanger configuration to get this feature working. As an admin, you have make any link as featured by editing the link info at backend.

But your customers must use the "Add Website to Featured Listing" menu in JV-LinkExchanger, to add their website to featured listing. When your partner clicks on this menu item, he will be shown the instructions to add the featured link. He will be subsequently taken to Paypal and will then complete the payment.

Once payment is completed, the user must send his website information to your email. You will then check if the payment is made and add his website as a ONE-WAY link with featured option set to yes at backend

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