JV-MailChimp - Configure User Plugin

This article describes the setup required to enable Joomla user account creation registration and automatically subscribe a new user to MailChimp.

JV-MailChimp provides a plugin of type "User" which is automatically installed when you install the component. Just head directly to the Joomla Plugins section, and edit the "User - MailChimp Registration Plugin". Please configure the plugin as below:

MailChimp Username:

This is your account username at MailChimp. If you dont know this value, login to your account at MailChimp, and go to your account Profile and get the username from there.

MailChimp Api Key:

This is the Api key that you can create or get from your Account section at MailChimp. 

  • Click on main menu at the top - Account menu link.
  • Go to Extras - API Keys

  • If you dont have an API key already, you can create one in that page as you scroll down to the bottom. To create one, please click on "Create New Key" and once it is done, please make a note of the API key. This is the value that you need to provide for the "MailChimp Api Key" field in the plugin.

MailChimp List ID:

You need to decide the mailing List to which you want to add users.

  • In your account at MailChimp, create a new list or or identify the list that you want to first.
  • Then click on "Lists" at the top of the page, select the List - Stats dropdown, and then go to the List settings.
  • There click on "List name and campaign defaults" section.

  • In the "List name and Campaign defaults" page, you can see the List ID. Please make a note of it. This is the value that you need to provide for the "MailChimp List ID" field in the plugin.

Double Opt-in:

You can decide to use Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in method for enrolling users into your list with this option. Selecting "No" to this field will mean that you are selecting Single Opt-in. Visit the documentation section to know more about the differences between the opt-in methods. Though we provide choices here, we recommend you go for Double Opt-in method as this saves your mailing list from bad email addresses.

Email Format:

You can decide to either set the email format for all users who subscribe to HTML or Text, or let the user decide the format when they sign up in the new user creation form in Joomla.

Merge Tags Mapping:

This is a powerful feature of JV-MailChimp. Typically you can have multiple fields to fill for someone to join your mailing list at MailChimp. These are called List Fields or Merge Fields.

Typically when you create a list, you will have Email address, First Name and Last Name. But you have the option to create more fields or modify existing ones too. In this case, when someone sees the "New User Account" form in Joomla, it is important that you provide all the "required" fields necessary for mailing list subscription as well so that the subscription creation does not fail. But Email and Name are already fields that Joomla account creation form has. In order to avoid asking user to fill the fields multiple times, we can map existing Joomla core and user profile fields with mailing list fields. This must be done at-least for mandatory fields for your mailing list.

  • Email address is automatically taken from the Joomla user account form value
  • Joomla user account does not have any fields separately for First name and last name, but has something called "Name". But if your mailing list needs First Name and Last Name, then you can map the name field of your Joomla field with First and Last names. The way to do this will be to provide the following value in the merge tags mapping field:



Please add the above lines of texts in the configuration field if you use FNAME and LNAME as the list fields and if you want to use "Name" for First Name and Last Name. These are the typical value used by most users in general.

"FNAME" and "LNAME" refer to the merge tag fields which you can get from List fields interface. See figure below:

  • "core" refers to the fact that you are referencing a core Joomla field. Please consult support for any non-core field to get the right mapping.
  • "name:0" refers to the first part of Joomla field "name"
  • "name:1" refers tot he second part of the Joomla field "name"

Un-Subscribe Upon Deletion:

Setting this option to Yes, will unsubscribe the user from the mailing list when that user is deleted in your Joomla website.

Once you configure the fields, ensure that you enable the plugin. Now as you head to the frontend "Create Account" form, you can see the "Subscribe to Newsletter" field!.

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