JV-MailChimp - Getting Started

JV-MailChimp provides a Joomla - MailChimp integration. With JV-MailChimp you can add a 'Subscribe to Newsletter' option in the Joomla user registration form (create account page). When a user opts to subscribe, JV-MailChimp will handle the communication with your account at MailChimp using v3 REST API provided by MailChimp, and add that member to your list. This is unobtrusive to the user and happens behind the scene. 

Please do the following to get started with JV-MailChimp:

  • Visit www.mailchimp.com and create a new free account if you dont have one with MailChimp already. 
  • To send newsletters to your subscribers, you need to have a mailing list first. If you dont have a list already created at MailChimp, then please create one by logging into your account at MailChimp..
  • Download and install JV-MailChimp Component on your Joomla website.
  • Go to JV-MailChimp back-end and configure the component, and the plugin.
  • Dont forget to enable the JV-MailChimp User plugin.
  • Once you do this, the "Create Account" page in Joomla site frontend will now have additional fields for mailing list subscription displayed. When the user provides the details and submits, the user will also be added to your mailing list at MailChimp. You can then send newsletters to users in that mailing list anytime! from your account at MailChimp.

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