JV-ShrinkTheWeb - Types of Preview Images and Caching Concepts

When using the Advanced API method, JV-ShrinkTheWeb caches every thumbnail that it fetches from www.shrinktheweb.com to enable faster subsequent retrieval of previews and to reduce the number of hits to shrinktheweb.com servers. These thumbnails are stored in your Joomla website at media/com_jvshrinktheweb/pics folder.

There are 4 different types of images that JV-ShrinkTheWeb can display for a stwpreview tag. They include:

  • Normal Thumbnail Previews - These are the thumbnail previews of urls. These images are cached and you can decide the number of days to cache the thumbnail previews by setting the value (in days) in JV-ShrinkTheWeb configuration. The cache is recreated at the end of this duration every time.
  • Thumbnail Queued Images - Usually when you issue a request for a url whose thumbnail does not exist at shrinktheweb.com servers, it will be queued at the server side and this response will be sent back to JV-ShrinkTheWeb. In such cases, JV-ShrinkTheWeb will show the thumbnail queued image for the next 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, JV-ShrinkTheWeb will contact shrinktheweb.com servers and will fetch the actual thumbnail (assuming that shrinktheweb.com has generated the preview by then).
  • "Fix and retry" and "Account Ban" Error Images - Sometimes www.shrinktheweb.com returns an error image. These error images are also cached by JV-ShrinkTheWeb, giving you the time to correct the errors. Errors are usually caused due to invalid urls in requests, wrong keys, invalid combination of Pro features in preview tags etc... At the end of the caching period, the requests are sent again to get the thumbnails.
  • "Bandwidth Exceeded" and "Quota Exceeded" Images - When your bandwidth or quota utilization is beyond your account limits, JV-ShrinkTheWeb will display the "Bandwidth Exceeded" and "Quota Exceeded" images for thumbnails. These images are cached permanently. You can do the following to solve this problem in such cases:
    • Check your shrinktheweb.com account for usage
    • Purchase additional bandwidth/quota as required.
    • Once this is done, please visit your JV-ShrinkTheWeb dashboard and click on "Remove Bandwidth Exceeded Image" or "Remove Quota Exceeded Image" as applicable.
    • Till you do the first 3 steps, all your thumbnails will show the error images only.

How do I remove cached thumbnail previews?

  • Visit the "Manage Thumbnail Previews" section of JV-ShrinkTheWeb back-end
  • Search for the urls whose thumbnail previews you want to delete by providing a search query. The search query can be a part of the url too.
  • JV-ShrinkTheWeb will display all previews that matched the search criteria
  • You may then select individual previews and delete them

To remove all thumbnail previews, please visit your JV-ShrinkTheWeb dashboard and click on "Remove All Images from Cache" button.

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