JV-ShrinkTheWeb - Where and How to insert stwpreview tags

You may add or insert stwpreview tags anywhere in your Joomla website - Inside component code or modules or Joomla articles or any component/template/module/plugin code that is displayed on the screen. JV-ShrinkTheWeb can process such tags from anywhere literally that is set to be displayed on the screen

For modules, you can create custom HTML modules or add the tags in existing modules as well. 3rd party developers can also add these tags in their code and just echo/display them.

Inserting stwpreview tags:

You can insert stwpreview tag in Joomla content in 2 different ways. viz.

  1. Manually: You can manually type in the stwpreview tag in the content in the Joomla content editor.
  2. Using the "URL Preview" button in Editor: You need to have the JV-ShrinkTheWeb Editor Plugin installed and enabled to use this method. With this method, you just place the cursor at the position in the editor where you want the stwpreview tag to appear, and then click on the "URL Preview" editor button at the bottom of the editor. It will then open a popup where you can provide the url and select other options for the preview.

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