JV-ShrinkTheWeb - Which STW account should I use and what are PRO features?

By default when you create an account at ShrinkTheWeb you get the FREE account. You may upgrade to BASIC or PLUS account type anytime with a very reasonable fee at shrinktheweb.com. FREE, BASIC and PLUS account types only restricts you in terms of bandwidth utilization and number of new requests that can be processed per month.

PRO features are exclusive to all 3 types of accounts. This means that, you can purchase one or more or all PRO features by being in FREE or BASIC or PLUS account types. The PRO features include,

  • Inside Pages
  • Custom Size
  • Refresh on Demand
  • Custom Messages
  • Custom Flash Delay
  • Custom Quality
  • Custom Resolution
  • Full Length

For more information, please visit http://www.shrinktheweb.com/auth/order-page. JV-ShrinkTheWeb supports all types of accounts and all PRO features. Once you provide the access key and secret key in JV-ShrinkTheWeb configuration, it will automatically fetch your account privileges and display them to you.

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