JV-ShrinkTheWeb - How does it work?

JV-ShrinkTheWeb works in conjunction with services provided by www.shrinktheweb.com. It achieves this by interacting with ShrinkTheWeb, the most powerful truly free website thumbnail provider.

  • ShrinkTheWeb.com acts as a server providing thumbnail previews.
  • JV-ShrinkTheWeb contacts the server, fetches the thumbnails, caches them and displays them in Joomla content.

All that you need to do, is insert "stwpreview" tags for urls in Joomla content, and JV-ShrinkTheWeb will dynamically replace them with thumbnail previews during page loads.

Types of Preview Fetch Methods:

JV-ShrinkTheWeb uses 3 different methods to fetch and display thumbnail previews

  1. Previews fetched using Advanced API method from shrinktheweb.com: This is the recommended method to be used for all customers. This method caches the thumbnails fetched from shrinktheweb.com locally on your servers and displays them till the cache expires and is recreated. 
  2. Previews fetched using Simple or Embedded method from shrinktheweb.com: This is the method to use in case you are unable to fetch previews from shrinktheweb.com, if you are on a shared server and your IP is banned/reported at shrinktheweb.com, or if you are using a free account at shrinktheweb.com. Images are not cached and every preview fetch will result in a hit on the shrinktheweb.com server.
  3. Local/Custom Thumbnails: This is a new feature introduced in JV-ShrinkTheWeb 3.0 where by you can upload custom thumbnail images as previews in JV-ShrinkTheWeb backend, and display them instead of the ones fetched from shrinktheweb.com. This is useful when a specific thumbnail is not generated due to some reason, or when you want to willfully use a different image instead of the generated image at shrinktheweb.com.

As admin you will be able to choose between Simple and Advanced methods from JV-ShrinkTheWeb configuration in backend.

Order of Precedence:

Local thumbnail has the highest priority in the methods. When a local thumbnail is available for a website url, it will be used by default. In such a case shrinktheweb.com will not be contacted. If a local thumbnail does not exist, then JV-ShinkTheWeb will contact shrinktheweb.com for previews using the methodology chosen in the configuration section.

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