JV-ShrinkTheWeb - Getting Started

JV-ShrinkTheWeb is a product of JV-Extensions and the result of collaboration of JV-Extensions and ShrinkTheWeb. You can use JV-ShrinkTheWeb to display thumbnails of websites anywhere in your Joomla website. You may also purchase additional PRO features at ShrinkTheWeb. JV-ShrinkTheWeb supports Free/Basic/Plus and all PRO features of ShrinkTheWeb.

Please do the following to get started with JV-ShrinkTheWeb:

  • Visit www.shrinktheweb.com and create a new free account. After you create the account, note down the "Access Key" and "Secret Key" of your account

  • Then go to your "Account Security" box in home page of your account -> "Manage Security Settings" at www.shrinktheweb.com, and add your server IP address to the field that says "Allowed Referrers". This is a very important step and STW servers will reject thumbnail generation requests if this is not done.

  • Download and install JV-ShrinkTheWeb Component and Plugin on your Joomla website.
  • Go to JV-ShrinkTheWeb back-end and configure the component. You need to provide the "Access Key" and "Secret Key" in the configuration
  • You also need to provide values for cache expiry time and debug switch option and click on save
  • Dont forget to enable the JV-ShrinkTheWeb System plugin
  • Install and enable the JV-ShrinkTheWeb Editor plugin.
  • You may then add preview tags anywhere in your Joomla content and the tags will be dynamically replaced with the website thumbnail previews when the page loads in site front-end.

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