JV-LinkExchanger - Configuring Module

In this article, you will learn how to configure JV-LinkExchanger module.

Following are the per-requisites for module configuration:

  1. JV-LinkExchanger component is installed and configured
  2. JV-LinkExchanger module is installed

Module Configuration:

  1. Go to Joomla backend and click on Extensions - Module Manager
  2. Click on the JV-LinkExchanger module item in the list, to edit it
  3. JV-LinkExchanger provides 4 different types of modules
    1. Recent links: Displays newly added links
    2. Random links: Displays links chosen randomly from JV-LinkExchanger tables
    3. Featured links: Displays list of featured links. Featured Links option must be enabled in JV-LinkExchanger component configuration
    4. Highly Rated links: Displays the list of highly rated links in descending order. Partner Link Rating must be enabled in JV-LinkExchanger component configuration for this to work
  4. You need to create copies of the existing JV-LinkExchanger module from Module manager to get each of these modules. Please ensure that you enable/publish the module before saving the configuration

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