JV-LinkExchanger - Partner Initiated Link Exchanges

In this article, you will learn to successfully respond to a link exchange request from another webmaster, and also establish a link exchange with him.

For any 2-way link exchange, there are 2 parties involved - Webmaster (which is you) and your partner (with whom the link exchange is going to happen). The link process can be classified as "self-initiated" or "partner-initiated" depending on who starts the link exchange process.

Following is the process, if your partner initiates the link exchange (partner-initiated):

Step-1: Your partner adds your link info in his website

  1. Your partner will visit your link directory in frontend.
  2. He will click on the "Add Link" or "Add Banner" menu item and JV-LinkExchanger will present him an interface to add his website to your directory
  3. For a link or banner exchange JV-LinkExchanger forces your partner to add your link or banner in his website before he can successfully place the link exchange request

Step-2: Your partner adds his link in your website

  1. Once the partner adds your link in his website, he fills up the "Add Link" or "Add Banner" form given by JV-LinkExchanger
  2. He provides the reciprocal link URL along with his website information while filling the form
  3. JV-LinkExchanger then processes the request - It checks if your website link actually exists in the reciprocal link URL provided by the partner. If it exists it approves or forwards the request to you for action (depending on the configuration setting in JV-LinkExchanger)
  4. If approved then the link exchange status becomes "ESTABLISHED"
  5. JV-LinkExchanger will automatically notify your partner of the location where his link has been added in your website when the request is approved

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