JV-LinkExchanger - Self Initiated Link Exchanges

In this article you will learn about the steps to successfully initiate and establish a link exchange request with your link partners.

For any 2-way link exchange there are 2 parties involved - Webmaster (which is you) and your partner (with whom the link exchange is going to happen). The link process can be classified as "self-initiated" or "partner-initiated" depending on who starts the link exchange process.

If you initiate the link exchange (self-initiated), then you will do the following:

Step-1: You add your partner website info to your website

  1. Get the partner website details either via email or by visiting your partner website. The partner website details include his website title, description and URL.
  2. Login to your Joomla backend and visit Components - JV-LinkExchanger - Links and Banners
  3. Add your partner's link details using "Exchange Link/Banner" menu at the top
  4. Once added JV-LinkExchanger will show you the URL in your website where your partner URL was added or is displayed. Make a note of this URL. You will notice that the link status will be "PENDING", indicating that you have linked to your partner, but your partner is yet to link back to you.

Step-2: You add your website info at your partner website

  1. Now visit your partner website and there will possibly be a page or form where you will be asked to add your link. If not please contact your partner and place your request to exchange link with him. Please do not forget to inform him the location where his link is available in your website
  2. Before your partner accepts your request he might check if you have actually added his link in your website.
  3. Your partner will notify you once the request is approved or accepted. Once this is done, please ask your partner where your link is available on his website. He will provide you with this URL. This is the reciprocal link URL for your link. Please make a note of it.

Step-3: Update reciprocal link url in your website

  1. Login to your Joomla backend and visit Components - JV-LinkExchanger - Links and Banners
  2. Click on "View/Edit Link Info" for your partner link
  3. In the "Reciprocal Link to your website" you must provide the reciprocal link URL that your partner has given to you.
  4. Save the link info
  5. Now come back to the Links and Banners screen and click on the "Reciprocal Check" menu at the top. JV-LinkExchanger will scan the reciprocal link URL and check if your website URL exists in that page.
  6. A successful link exchange happens when you and your partner are linking to each other. If the reciprocal check fails, then please contact your partner and ask him to add your link as given in the instructions

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